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Are you ready to learn about your unique gifts and skills, the role you are here to play or how to work through your blocks?

The Magic of Human Design

Human Design is a system of awareness that combines several modalities* that show you who you are designed to be, and how you are here to thrive. It’s not something you do, it’s something you already are. 

Similar to systems like Meyers Briggs or Enneagram, Human Design is about how you operate best in the world based on your unique bodygraph or chart. You can even think of it as a user manual to your life. 

It is a means of becoming your own authority (listening to yourself and not to others/society). It allows you to take full responsibility for your life and reap the benefits. It enables you to operate correctly, clear the resistance, and build your own inner trust. 

Understanding my chart gave me permission to be the me I always felt inside, but society convinced me not to be. Human Design gave me the gift of accepting those parts of myself I was told were wrong, but are actually my super power. 

For example, I’m a highly sensitive and emotional person. Before I discovered Human Design, I learned that my emotions are my super power because they help me understand other people. When I discovered Human Design, I learned my emotions also help me to understand myself – my wants, needs, and how to thrive by listening to those emotions.

Human Design Image

Another example: I was told my whole life I was lazy for needing more rest than most people, but it turns out that’s because I’m a Projector (energy type). Projectors have small, but very efficient battery packs, but they need more rest than most people (the majority of the population are Generators and Manifesting Generators, who have life-force energy to get a lot done). 

With Human Design, you have the innate ability to make choices that are in alignment with your authentic nature, and based in your personal Authority; this knowledge will empower you to live a fulfilling life in your unique way. 

Human Design also shows you: 

    • your unique gifts and skills
    • the role you are here to play out
    • how to harness these gifts
    • how to work through your blocks

*Chinese I’Ching, Kabbalah Tree of Life, Hindu Chakra System, Western Zodiac, and even Quantum Physics

Hi, I’m Lauren

I’ve always been a sensitive soul. I’ve even been called an old soul and an indigo child, which is why it’s no surprise that I took to Human Design as quickly and easily as I did. 

I was given a reading by a friend in July of 2022, and afterward I felt I had been given the keys to my life. I realized I had gone against my nature based on societal conditioning, and coming back to my true design felt so good and natural. Over the next year so much blossomed and changed in my life. 

I’m a 1/4, Quad Right, Emotional Projector and true to my 1st line (the 1/4 profile), I dove deep into all things Human Design. I took several courses, bought books, and eventually took a 10-week course to become a certified chart reader. Analyzing the charts of others has brought me so much joy, as I’ve seen the ah-ha moments and permission to be their true selves. And I can’t wait to do that with you.

Fun Facts About Me

I’m a Professional Organizer – I have two businesses: Let Me Organize It and Get Littles Organized

I love professional speaking and mentoring new organizers.

I love reading autobiographies and memoirs. Please send me your recs!

I enjoy traveling – most recently to Mexico and Bali.

Next on my list are: Japan, Australia, Croatia, Greece, and Morocco. Where else should I go? 

I love animals and our special connection to them. I’m finally ready to adopt another furry companion into my life! 

I live in California and love the lifestyle here thanks to the weather and geography.

I value my relationships and love spending quality time with my people (my 4th line).

When I’m not organizing, I love putting jigsaw puzzles together, often in one sitting.

I’ve always been artistic, and am looking to get back into throwing pottery and doing collaging.

I’m also looking to release my inner Katniss by taking up archery!

The Gift of Chart Analysis

Human Design Analysis Iceberg
Human Design

When I first discovered Human Design, I felt like I’d lived half of my life as someone else – not the real me. I wish I’d had that knowledge sooner, and I wish my parents had it as well, so they could have seen my emotions as being my super power, instead of something they needed to protect me from. 

Because of this, I feel driven to do Chart Analysis of childrens’ charts so that their parents can truly understand who their children are designed to be, and help advocate for them throughout their lives. It will also help their children to avoid as much conditioning that many of us have gone through, and are now working hard to re-parent or decondition ourselves so we can be more truly in line with our soul’s purpose. Deconditioning can take up to 7-years, and having the design information helps to jumpstart that process.

I also feel driven to do Chart Analysis for adults, and their wounded and ignored inner children. I’ve been on this journey for the last decade to heal childhood wounds and would be honored to be your guide in this journey. This is the beauty of Human Design – it benefits all humankind.

I love giving gifts – but I’m ready to give a new kind of gift: 

    • I want to gift parents an understanding of who their children truly are. 
    • I want to gift adults an understanding of their own lives and truly see them for who they are designed to be.

I’m hopeful that through understanding how we were all uniquely designed to exist on this Earth, it will help us to connect deeper, find more compassion and caring for each other, and truly make the world a better place to exist. 

Guiding You into the World of Human Design

I’m honored to take you on this journey and be your guide – I am a Projector after all. As a projector, I have the super power of truly seeing YOU, hearing YOU, recognizing YOU in a way others in your life may have not. Let me guide you through your Chart Analysis to help you rediscover the YOU that you came to this world to be. 

What I’ll need to know from you: 

    • What do you want to get out of this reading (the more specific the better)? 
    • Is there anything specific you want to know or focus on? 
    • What goals are you working towards? 
    • What struggles are you currently facing or what obstacles keep blocking your path?
    • Is there anything going on in your life right now that you want more clarity on? 
    • Anything else I should know? 
HD Analysis Price List

Scheduling Your Analysis

For now, you can email me to schedule your reading. The plan is to transition to Calendly so you can pick the date/time that works best for you. 

I’ll do these Monday through Saturday, between the hours of 9am-7pm Pacific Time. If you’re in a time zone that makes it difficult for us to connect live, reach out and we can discuss doing a pre-recorded reading with.

Human Design Image Colorized
Lauren Mang Photo

Zoom-Based Sessions

Chart Analysis will be done on Zoom, and I’ll share your recording with you after each reading. I’ll share the link and ask you to download it, as I have limited space on my Zoom account. You can keep your recording and refer back to it, which I still do with the readings I’ve paid for from other practitioners. 

I Have Answers

Q: How do I know which option to pick for a chart analysis?

A: If you’re new to Human Design (have never heard of it or pulled a chart) you may want to start with a 60-minute reading. During this time I can explain your energy type (and aura), strategy, authority, and possibly your profile. 

The 90-minute readings will go more in depth and share a lot more of the more complex information like the centers, gates, channels, variables and incarnation cross. 90-minute readings are great for parents who want to learn about their children’s chart, and also how it relates to their chart. 

60-minute Chart Analysis is $125 USD

90-minute Chart Analysis is $185 USD

Q: What’s a Mini Analysis?

A: A Mini Chart Analysis is meant to be a follow up to one of the longer chart readings. If we didn’t get to touch on something in your initial analysis, a 30-minute Mini Chart Analysis can hopefully cover it. The Mini Chart Analysis is $55 USD.

Q: What do I need to have my bodygraph or chart analyzed?

A: I’ll need to know your birth date and time, as well as location.

Q: Can you do my analysis without a specific birth time?

A: Charts are based on the minute of your birth, so it’s hard to give an accurate analysis without an accurate birth time. If you can give me a window, I can likely at least tell you your type/strategy/authority, but will not be able to go into the deeper concepts like profile, centers, gates, channels, variables or incarnation cross.

Q: Do I need to know about Human Design already to have you analyze my chart?

A: No, not at all. You can come with no knowledge around Human Design, or basic knowledge. I’m certified to help you understand the first two levels of the Human Design system, and I am working on additional knowledge around the more complex parts of the chart (Variables, Rave Mandala).

Q: Are you reading my birth chart/fortune/future?

A: No, this isn’t a psychic reading. While Human Design includes information on the planets and where they were in the sky at the moment you were born, this is more of a mechanical tool. Human Design helps you understand how to live your life based on your design, and how to make aligned decisions and have better relationships knowing your design. It’s similar to Meyers Briggs or Enneagram – it’s a tool to use, and I’m simply breaking down the complex mechanics of the various parts of your chart.

Q: Why is Human Design so complex/Mysterious?

A: Because it’s relatively new (1987) and combines several modalities including: the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the Hindu Chakra System, the Western Zodiac, the Hexagram system of the Chinese I’Ching, and even Quantum Physics (related to Neutrinos). I can show you where these different aspects fall in the overall chart, but I won’t be going into the history of these modalities.

Q: Where can I learn more about Human Design before having you analyze my chart?

A: It can be very confusing to do your own research (unless you have a 1 in your profile), so I’d recommend waiting if possible. If you’d like to read more, Jovian Archive is a great place to start.

Q: Where can I pull my chart in advance?

A: I think the simplest chart to start with you can pull from Jovian Archive. If you have a bit of understanding already around Human Design, you can pull your chart from My Bodygraph and it will give additional details. These may be confusing to you but I can help you understand what they all mean in the reading.

Q: How can I schedule an analysis?
A: Email me and we’ll find a date/time. Soon you will be able to book a reading via Calendly.
Q: What’s included in an analysis?

A: The analysis will include 1 to 2-hours of prep on my end, once I have your details. It’ll also include a live zoom meeting which will be recorded. Once the analysis is complete, I will share the video recording with you. If you don’t yet have your HD Chart, I will also pull one for you to have. For those with more in depth knowledge of Human Design, I may include Connection Charts.

Q: What is a Connection Chart?

A: A connection chart is taking two individual charts and combining them into one. This is great for all kinds of relationships: partnerships, work relationships, parent/child relationships, friendships.

Q: Are you certified to be giving a HD Chart Analysis?

A: Yes. I received a certification of completion of a 10-week course to become a Level 1 and 2 Human Design Chart Reader.

Q: Will you be adding to your list of offerings in the future?

A: Yes, I’m considering the following for future offerings (please let me know what appeals to you): 

  • $11 questions (email a question, get an answer based on your chart)
  • Coaching sessions: based on your strategy and authority
  • Workshops and Webinars
Q: Do you have any resources you can share with me if I’d like to learn more about Human Design?

A: Yes! I can share books, websites, podcasts, courses, and social media accounts that I have used to learn more about this wonderful but complex system. Please ask!


I contacted Lauren about a Human Design session after our first baby was born. I wanted to learn more about her personality and how I can support her the best way on her life journey. Working with Lauren was smooth and easy. Lauren is very approachable and easy to schedule a session with. She is passionate about Human Design, very knowledgeable and professional. I loved that she offered the recording and the summary so I can refresh my memory any time about our session. I am sure we will have more sessions in the future, as you can go so deep with Human Design. I highly recommend working with Lauren!

-BM, Texas

I had a Human Design chart reading with Lauren and loved it! 

It made me feel more confident with my strengths. It also helped me to know where I needed to focus more learning and where I needed to set more boundaries. As well as how to listen to my own cues for changing or shifting. Lauren is SO knowledgeable and helpful! 

-SP, New York

I met with Lauren 3 times to learn more about myself, my daughter, and my husband. I was blown away at how accurate the charts were for my husband and I! They validated the way my husband and I are living our lives, and Lauren gave me insight and advice as to how I can best communicate with my husband. She also did a reading for our toddler daughter and helped us understand how we can best respond to and nurture her as she grows up. This was an invaluable experience, and I am going to recommend Lauren’s gift for Human Design reading to all my friends and family!

-NG, Chicago

I had a wonderful human design reading by Lauren as a birthday gift from my husband. We didn’t know what we were getting into, but we were blown away by her depth of knowledge and insight. We extended our session because we were having so much fun, and enjoying an engaging conversation with Lauren. I was shocked at how much the chart accurately spoke to both me and my husband. We learned a ton about ourselves and each other, and the reading sparked great conversations and curiosity in both of us. I feel we just scratched the surface and we look forward to doing another reading with Lauren in the future!
-LM and JB, California

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“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.”
-Brian Tracey

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